Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The beginning!

Sorry my first blog post is coming two weeks into the trip! It's been a crazy two weeks starting with landing in Seville. I made it to my Senora's house in one piece with the help of an amazing local Sevilliano family who found me helplessly trying to locate my apartment complex. They generously walked me four blocks in the correct direction and didn't leave me until I had located my Senora's flat. In the flat share a room with another High Point student, Mallory McMahon, and we share the flat with an amazing Senora, Carmen Hidalgo (she has already made us some outstanding food). The first week was full of orientation activities such as walking to the beautifully hand-painted Plaza de Espana and a tapas welcome party for all the students in my program. The program has students from North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Chicago and the group has already become close. The first weekend we walked around and did some shopping in downtown Sevilla (everything is extremely cheap!) and took an elevator to the top of la Seta for an amazing view. The Seta is an amazing architectural sight central in Sevilla that provides an expansive view of the city from the top. We finished the weekend off with a meal at 100 Montaditos, our new favorite restaurant  that has mini sandwiches for one euro on Sundays, a great find since we have to make our money stretch the whole semester.
Classes started on Monday and my class sizes range from 2-4 students. I'm taking a Spanish class, two history classes, and an arts and monuments class. The arts and monuments class consists of field trips to a different sight in Sevilla each class.
Kyle and I on the bust tour

A roman column hidden mostly by other civilizations

On Wednesday we took a bus tour of Triana and Sevilla from the top of a double decker bus and we were able to get a feel for the whole area. This was also my first time seeing the amazing Guadalquivir river which flows between Sevilla and Triana with some unique buildings lining each side. Finally, after a long week we finished the week with a small tapas (small plates, similar to appetizers) tour with the program to some local spots around the school. My favorite dish we tried was a plate of homemade french fries with an egg on top covered in a tomato sauce, it was amazing. Saturday night we returned to the river and ate at a restaurant with a stunning open air view of the river and el Torre del Oro.
Last night was the first flamenco dance class and I can't wait for the next one. We all learned (more like struggled through) the first basic steps of flamenco and by the end everyone seemed to have it down. The flamenco class is offered by a gym next the school and is going to be a great way to understand the flamenco culture in Seville!
Those are the highlights, this weekend were traveling to Granada and I should have more to tell then!
Love and miss everyone back in the states <3

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