Monday, February 11, 2013

Nunca Jamas

Tuesday in my Arts and Monuments class we explored the Alcazar palace, right in the middle of Seville. The expansive gardens and rooms of the palace are seemingly endless, I literally had no idea I had been walking past the palace unknowingly. The palace is a great example of Muslim mudejar architecture as well as Christian influences. The palace is so large, in fact, that our teacher informed us he has visited the palace more than 100 times and has yet to see it all. I can't wait to go back in the spring and picnic in the gardens.
Tuesday afternoon I went with SAIIE to take a tour of the Real Betis stadium. We were able to see the press room, see their trophies first hand, stand in the "rich seats" (here you have to wear formal wear, restrain from cheering, and eat your tapas and wine calmly), stand in the locker room, and (my favorite!) run out on the field through the tunnel the players use! It was a really awesome experience and we were invited back to watch the Real Betis players train and get our posters signed. We also learned the loyal Betis fan slogan, "Viva er Betis manque pierda!" which basically means Betis will always be your team, even if they lose (the fans are clearly very loyal, reminds me of a Kentucky rivalry...)
Wednesday evening I returned to the school for the first day of my internship with the program at SAIIE. I'm really excited to see how study abroad programs work and to help out in any way I can. I'm going to be helping them update their website, and with their faculty led programs, as well as speaking more Spanish.
After a few hours I had my first meeting with my intercambio, Mamen! The intercambio program is designed to allow students to speak Spanish with a local Seviallanos once a week to help them with their English and us with our Spanish. She is so sweet and I am so excited to improve my Spanish with her help and also see the city from the eyes of a true Sevillana!
A few people have been asking what I have been eating here and I have no problem talking about the amazing meals my Senora makes. She cooks for us lunch and dinner, except on the weekends, and we have yet to have a repeat meal, I'm obsessed. She makes a soup with every dinner, usually beans and potatoes, and a main dish of vegetables, fish, or chicken. A very popular meal here is a Spanish tortilla which is basically a thick omelette with eggs, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables (my Senora makes the best tortilla I've tried so far!). Another one of my favorites so far has been a sticky rice, seasoned chicken dish with a red sauce filled with peppers. And, of course, a meal is not complete without fresh pan bought earlier that day. Mallory and I are pretty spoiled...
Finally, Friday we had Friday classes and I went on a walk of the beautiful barrio Santa Cruz (the Jewish quarter during Muslim rule) for class. That afternoon Mallory and I ate packed sandwiches from our Senora on the sunny steps of the Ceta, tough life, while we waited to meet up for a walk to a local art gallery. The gallery tour was free a free walk through a modern art exhibit called Nunca Jamas, Historias de Ninos para Adultos. It featured a collection of art playing with the idea of childhood stories from an adult perspective. I loved the experience because it was a good sense of the rich local culture present in Seville.
HPU on the Real Betis field!
Tortilla Espanola

One of the Gardens in the Alcazar

SAIIE students as close to the field as possible

Nunca Jamas

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